Independent Music Owners in Favor of Internet Radio

In May 2002, Internet radio came under fire by the major record labels and the RIAA, to assign hefty fees to those who want to "broadcast" music on the internet, and if applied, these fees could put an end to internet radio, or at least to the small and independent broadcasters who constitute the lifeblood of this new medium and who are the best hope for listeners to be exposed to independent music not controlled by the large entertainment corporations.

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This is a list of artists and small record labels who own the rights to some independent music, who have signed up to be counted. This list is to indicate that there are many music owners who view internet radio as desirable, and that they would like to enter into discussions with internet radio to allow their music to be played, and to circumvent the CARP fee . This is not an agreement or release-- it is just a list of interested parties.

We also have collected addresses, phone numbers and e-mail addresses for this list, but they are not displayed here to protect the privacy of those who sign up.

If you would like to add your name to the list, sign up here.

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