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Welcome to the SGS Guitarists Directory. The purpose of this is to keep a list of the professional guitarists in the region, with contact information and extensive information about their music, recordings, and professional availablity. We hope that this will be a useful way for a promoter, ad agency or potential student to find the guitarists they need, 24 hours a day. We plan to include amateur guitarists looking for jamming and open mike partners, and also professionals of all styles looking for work.We think the internet is the perfect way to maintain such a directory, keep it current, and make it available at all times to anyone who wants access to it.

For the nominal fee of $20/yr. we will make you your own web page, with your photo, bio, contact and professional information and post it in our directory, so that someone who was looking for a guitarist or guitar teacher could locate you. (If you get one $100 gig every 5 years, it will pay for this!) We will also include links to other web you have, if you send the link information to us along with your application information.

Guitarist Profile Application Form

We hope this will help bands find members, and help local guitarists find gigs, students and recording sessions. We will need more information about you and your music in order to do this right, so please be patient and fill out the following form, so we can match you with the gigs, sessions and other music situations that are appropriate.

Please feel free to browse the listings that are here, or to contact us about adding you to the Directory.

David Surette Celtic & American acoustic guitar & mandolin
Cormac McCarthy Songwriter extraordinaire
Harvey Reid Acoustic string wizard & songwriter
Rick Watson Multi-instrumentalist & singer
Denny Breau Fingerstyle giant
Jon Ross Jazz, Blues, R & B & Bluegrass
Lex Romane Swing king
Susie Burke Unforgettable Singer & Performer
Craig Werth Award-winning Songwriter, Composer, Instrumentalist
Brad Harnois Fingerstyle guitar, Contemporary Folk
Lawrence Schroeck Singer, poet & picker
Lance Gunderson Classical, Jazz and Flamenco
Don Sanni Solo fingerstyle guitarist
Dave Gerard Acoustic & electric singer & songwriter powerhouse
Jim Gallant Southern Maine fingerpicking giant
David James Stuart Fingerstyle instrumentalist
Gerry Johnston Jazz & Classical guitar
Phil Kaelin Versatile blues-flavored guitarist from Portland ME
This Could Be You This directory is for SGS Musician members



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