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We hope that the Seacoast Guitar Society will be a model of how a local arts organization can work within a local region to promote the arts and to enrich the quality of life in the community. We feel that too much happens at a national level in the entertainment industry, and that excellent musical events and education can and should take place at home. We also feel that keeping a narrow focus on the guitar will keep us on track. Every community is an audience, and every community has its own artists and art lovers, and there is no reason that a successful arts organization cannot produce high-quality, small-scale events that benefit everyone involved. The Seacoast region has long been a jewel of the arts, and hosts an incredibly rich population of artists and musicians. They have always demonstrated a desire and an ability to make their art themselves, and to share it directly with their audiences, rather than simply striving to be part of the ever-increasing corporate and international arts industry. This kind of honest, home-grown art is connected to the powerful spirit of history that surrounds us; it derives some of its integrity and strength from the traditions that still linger here, and is a part of the quality of life here in Northern New England.

Our goal is simply to work together with the local listeners, media, musicians, students, teachers, music retailers to help us all enjoy more guitar music. We want to reach out, to be as inclusive as possible, and to find a way to invite as many local people as possible to participate; as audience members, volunteers, sponsors, teachers and students. And we want to develop a spirit of cooperation and shared appreciation of music.

Chordally yours,

Harvey Reid (1999)

Seacoast Guitar Society
PO Box 815 York, ME 03909
207-363-1886 (phone)

The Seacoast Guitar Society is a not-for-profit 501 c(3) corporation

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